Hello, Star Players! Welcome to our monthly newsletter featuring an enlightenment note from my past self. These lyrical passages are inspired by cards from the CCC Tiny Book of Affirmations. We would love to feature your poetic responses to our affirmations as well! Please email your submissions to celestialcontentcreations@gmail.com for a chance to be featured on our site!. 

“Showtime for me starts right now.”

Asset power protects itself from liabilities.  Now and forever, so come out of your head and live on planet Earth a little. It’s okay. You lived a life of escapism because you didn’t trust God’s plan. Or was it you were busy daydreaming plans of your own? Imagining all the ways you’d shatter the earth if someone just gave you one shot. 

Well, what did you say? I’m sure you promised the universe you’d be great. Look around–so many of those dreams have come true. But your mind still wonders what’s next? What else? What if? 

Slowdown little grasshopper–your place is in the here and now. Those questions only ever mattered in the newsroom. Remember the ones you used to peruse? 

Now, your story is different. You don’t have to fit in a box. You can be everything and nothing at all– at the same damn time. When’s the last time you faded into yourself? Living not as how you think you’ll be seen on film– but a live performance of the goddess within?

Don’t worry– the cameras will come. Your main concern now is perfecting your crafts with focus, intention and flow.  Take all the parts of you from scattered across dimensions and lace up your stilettos with those pieces. You are a star–accept it as part of your reality.

Be great.

Be graceful.

Be grateful.

Be you.

Will you trust in the grand plan now? When you realize it’s you and no one else? You’ve been wrongfully banished to the shadows. That was all a misunderstanding. Your number has just been called. Aren’t you happy you gave 100%? 

Folks are singing your praises the way you imagined as a little girl. Go back in time for the sake of right now. You know how to dream big…unless you’ve forgotten? Promise me you won’t let anyone turn your heart rotten.

No one shall turn your heart into stone. For the mission relies on your light! You don’t need a handout or helping hand when you’re in the right. They taught you a while back to walk by faith, not by sight. You write your own code to freedom.

Live in the next chapter of “now”, why don’t ya? 

In case you haven’t realized, the author is a woman you trust. She’s the voice in your head that raised you when you defeat played in your face. 

In this race through space, your anti-gravity boots will help you blast past the B.S. 

Sending you love from across the marathon finish line!

-Ariel (02/07/2023)


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