Hello, Star Players! Welcome to our monthly newsletter featuring an enlightenment note from my past self. These lyrical passages are inspired by cards from the CCC Tiny Book of Affirmations. We would love to feature your journal/poetry responses to our affirmations also! Please email your submissions to celestialcontentcreations@gmail.com to be featured on our site!

I have been confused for such a long time. I can’t tell you what’s real and what isn’t. Each day, I rise for a new dose of knowledge, enlightenment and wisdom. Is the damage I’ve caused irrevocable? Am I even helping at all? What are we all doing here?

If I were the sun, these are some of the questions that would keep me up at night. If I were the sun, I’d want to know a few other things too. Like, what happens to all my earth tenants when it rains? These people have all pitched a tent on my campgrounds just for fun. Most days it’s sunny, so I get it. My tenants have all become so comfortable and settled, grass has grown under their feet. Only when it rains, do I suppose these settlers remember where their true home is. I don’t keep prisoners–the gate is open all the time.

When the thunderstorms rage and mud seeps through their tent floors, I suspect a mad dash ensues. Am I only useful when I’m a show toy? When I’m bright, beaming and shining? However, when the storm clouds of life move in and fog the dashboard, am I welcomed here anymore? The settlers can barely see me anyway because I’m too bright to bear. You could never look at me directly, but everyday I must shine on.

When nightfall approaches, I find the exit from your view in due time. I don’t know who I am and that’s causing a lot of issues. But, everyday, I seem to be required by the settlers to shine. There’s no space that can contain me, so out the door I head each evening.

My existence benefits at scale when I’m out and about. You settlers can have a piece of me, but never the whole thing. The people like what I can produce. Sometimes, I think I may be causing more harm than good. Yes, I think I see night approaching–it’s best I leave now. This is the dance I get to do each day. Thank you for allowing me just a moment in time to shine. It’s time for me to move on and light up another nation on the other side of the world.

Time on that hemisphere works differently than it does on this coast. There are a group of people in that corner of the world standing in the dark. They need my light the most. Each day, I find a new way to let go. I’m leading the world by example on the power of waiting a while to see what tomorrow brings. Clarity, wisdom and enlightenment among a few other things.

I release, I am free to come and go as I please. Who would have thought a bright light like me could cause disease? Settlers, can’t you see? Allowing me into your fold only destroys the mold.

Prophetic, hypothetical thoughts from the sun. She trusts me to be a spokesperson because I am always standing where she shines. Everyday, she and I both see the truth and find the exit in due time.



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