You have questions. We have answers! See below for additional insight on our journey and the affirmation and empowerment movement.

Affirmations are a set of committed self-talk statements that help you pull success and the true desires of your heart to fruition in your life. Affirmations are important because they help to:

  1. Reprogram the subconscious mind

  2. Reverse harmful narratives that stunt your growth.

  3. Establish a set of guiding principles to live by

  4. Eliminate fear and doubt.

  5. Build confidence and courage to pursue your dreams.

I developed the idea for the CCC Tiny Book of Affirmations from an exercise originating from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute! Now, that’s not the response readers would predict, but it’s true. In 2021, I began ascension coaching and hypnotherapy with an amazing guide (@zhannazen). That year, she and I agreed I would practice “The Mental Bank” ledger. A practice developed by Dr. John G. Kappas of the Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy.

My healing journey required me to carve time out each night to tally what I was grateful for. Mental Bank entries also tallied how I showed up for myself and ended with writing 3 uplifting affirmations. Each night, I signed a check with the universe paying myself back for achieving harmony and balance. The affirmations I drafted during that time were close to the vest. Each one was a statement I needed to hear most during dark and turbulent times. After continuing the mental bank practice for around three months, I realized the affirmations I authored were far bigger than my ledger could hold.

When I reviewed the pages of daily affirmations, the power of these words began vibrating off the pages– reaffirming Dr. Kappas’ theory that “success is not an accident.” My life had changed significantly in the quarter I kept the mental bank ledger. The affirmations would be my favorite activity within the nightly exercise. I decided that my next avenue of service would be through an encouragement movement. Thus, the CCC Tiny Book of Affirmations was born!

Check out the blog posts, books and YouTube videos from the visionary and comedic philosopher, Stuart Wilde. I discovered Stuart Wilde in 2015, while working at Viacom and struggling to make ends meet in the Big Apple. I was passing the day aimlessly searching online for inspiration, when I discovered his “Mastery of Money” seminar on Youtube. Fast forward to now, I have listened to that video more times than I can count. His philosophy of “subjugating your own ego to get underneath the needs of your clients” is how I developed the tagline for CCC. Our motto is “serving words to meet you at the point of your higher needs.” A direct application of the wise Wilde’s teachings.

As my business grew, so did my adoption and appreciation of Wilde’s philosophies. I now apply the concepts of the “super self,” intuition, silent power and miracle manifestation into my everyday living. His website, has a host of positive affirmation guidance and alternative free thinking resources for anyone curious. After listening to his lectures or reading his articles, you will be “pope of your own church.” 

As we continue to recover from the mental and emotional impact of the pandemic, affirmations will play an even larger role in the collective healing process. I see major corporations and national campaign initiatives adopting the practices of positive self-talk in their outreach efforts. The big shift of young people understanding their power and unlocking their full potential will continue to evolve over the next 5-10 years. There will be heightened demand for businesses like Celestial Content Creations to help guide people who wish to command their power back through the art and science of affirmation setting. 

I see myself rising as a trusted authority on the subject. My goal is to be a bridge over troubled waters by illuminating positive paths forward.  My hope is that when big corporations start seeking affirmation authors, the groundwork I’ve set and the roots I’ve planted will place my name at the top of the list. I am a gifted public speaker and writer, so the thought of making meaningful contributions to the marketplace of ideas as a workshop facilitator brings me joy. Email me at or book a personal session on the next tab!